Friday, March 25, 2011

the beavers and the bees

As I sit here eating a 10:00 PM dinner feast of oatmeal and whole wheat toast it occurred to me that it's time for us to have a little talk. A little talk about the beavers and the bees. No you perverts, I said the beavers and the bees. You know, the busy creatures as opposed to the sexy ones? What the junk do birds and bees have to do with reproduction anyway? Maybe you can ask google for me.

image theft aided and abetted by google and credit goes here

Lately I have been too busy. If I didn't know better I would say that I have had the busiest three weeks of my life. I know though, that it's just not true. I have been a full time student and employee before so what I have been doing lately is really not that bad. I have over the past year though, started to become accustomed to a lazy life.

I must tell you, lazy days are grand. I did not used to feel this way but Lee has shown me the error of my ways. Marriage is awesome like that.

I absolutely, positively cannot wait to go off track (FOR FOUR WEEKS) in a mere matter of two weeks.

This is what has kept me so busy these past three weeks:
  • 2 bridal showers
  • 2 baby showers
  • 2 four hour praxis classes
  • 2 long days of parent conferences
  • 1 sorta stressful praxis test
  • 1 family birthday
  • 2 activity day activities
  • 3 sisters visit taught
  • 30--45 minute commutes to or from work
  • buying new tires
  • going to the gym 15 times
  • trying to make dinner the few nights I was actually home
  • and all sorts of other householdy things (like laundry and dishes) getting done sometimes, ignored other times, and delegated to Lee occassionally
My warm bed is beckoning unto me and of course there is much to be done on my supposed day off so I better go get my beauty sleep.

BUT, one last thing before I go. As Billy Nye would say:
Consider the Following:

Today I have been thinking about hair... my hair to be specific. Should I change my hair to this color?

What say you of this?

P.S. Lee does not think that neither me nor my blog is funny.

P.P.S. Don't be too mad at him he laughs his head off at AFV and he's pretty darn cute so... *shrug*

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The Dayleys said...

cute color! You should totally try it :)