Friday, March 4, 2011

are you a writer?

Terrible T

1. Sometimes, I try

2a. School, reading & experience

3. School or work required writing (reports), to tell a story, to persuade, to express feelings or to capture a memory or a moment

4. Read widely, take classes, listen to people, watch people, research, and most importantly WRITE

5. Did the person follow the directions of the assignment, but made it their own?

6. Writing on my blog (much easier than journals)

7. "Whatever is in my head."

8. Yes, read it out loud to make sure there aren't any typos and I didn't say anything too stupid and/or have someone else read it to tell me if anything doesn't make sense.

9. Yes, once or twice a week.

10. Nat the Fat Rat and Nie Nie. Reading their interesting, funny and inspiring blogs made me want to write down everyday moments in a fun & easy way and share it with anyone who wants to read it.

11. Yes, anyone who wants to read it! BUT only when I feel like I am done. I always get bugged when Lee tries to read over my shoulder if it feels like it is only a rough draft.

12. I enjoy it when I am writing for no reason, but I dislike writing reports.

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Casseron said...

Hey there Tiff! So I absolutely love reading your blog! I don't think you know that I read it, but I do! You are too cute!