Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and a celebration of throwing in the towel

As of late, I have nothing of interest to say or photograph. Today, I had every intention of posting photos of a day of nothing(exciting right?); but once I left the house I forgot to take any more photos. I did however take a few this morning while I got ready for work.

{lovin' my HUGE hand... I hope it reminds you of a King of Queens episode!}

In other news, today, March 1, must be the day for throwing in the towel or at least faltering on New Year's Resolutions because for the first time since early January Lee & I actually got a decent parking space at the gym--which excites me greatly.

Speaking of 'resolutions' of sort, I am still missing my DDP; but my teeth sure don't. I think they even look whiter. Maybe that's just from my new twice a day flossing though? (shrug) it's a mystery...

Have you thrown in the towel yet?

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Tamey said...

It DOES remind me of King Of Queens. You rock. Seriously.