Wednesday, March 16, 2011

numeros de miercoles

I stole this image from google image search; shame on me

time I left the house 6:45 AM
time I arrived home 10:15 PM
percentage of my cafe rio pork salad eaten in one sitting: 99.9%
number of laps I made my kids go outside and run with me from eating too much rio: 2
fraction of kiddos who ran the laps faster than me: 3/26
fraction of kiddos who finished at the same time as me 2/26
parent conferences I have already done: 2
parent conferences left to do: 24
times larger the gold's on redwood rd is in comparison to the gold's on 9th east in provo: at least 4
inches my jaw dropped when I walked in and saw how big it was: 3
times I have told Lee we need to look at gym quality and location when purchasing a home: at least 5
times he has told me the above is ridiculous: at least 5
miles ran: 5
minutes I spent in the (ewww) public shower so I wouldn't be smelly at Taylor's baby shower: 3-5
times I thought to myself, "how far away IS Centerville? Holy crow!": up to 7
people I really knew at the baby shower: 1
people I kinda knew: 2
people that were strangers: 6 (ish)
people who dressed me in a diaper all made of toliet paper that included suspenders and using tissues to increase my womanly parts which was somehow inspired by gaga: 2
pictures taken of that outfit: unknown
bizarre vanity license plates I noticed on i-15: 1 (LDSFAM)
times my car feared for his life due to inclement weather: 4
blogs I may or may not have stolen my ideas from last time I did this: 2

lo siento

years I have taken of Spanish class: 3
on a scale of 1-10 how well do I know Spanish? -3

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