Monday, March 7, 2011

bad mood

Today when I got home from work I was in the worst mood and I still am...
Listed below are the accused culprits:
  • March snow storm
  • 45 minute commute becomes 1.5 hour commute thanks to storm
  • my tire has a leak that I repeatedly have to fill with air
  • I had a test prep class (for a teacher licensure test I am taking on Saturday) from 4:15 PM-8:00 PM after work
  • I GET to the spend my evening at the class again on Wednesday
  • husbands leaving clothes in the kitchen
  • eating a mealy apple
  • and worst of all no time for the gym
I seriously HATE it when I don't get to go the gym. It ruins my mood for the day. Especially because one way I can guarantee to change my mood and turn that frown upside down is a good long run. I could forget about all the other causes of my bad mood if I could just get to the gym, but once 8:00 PM hits it's just too late.

So what do you do when you are being an ornery donkey and need to change your mood?

I usually...
  • RUN
  • eat some double-stuf oreos
  • take a nap
  • read quotes about positive thinking
AND that's all I got; so I need some more strategies; especially b/c if the day doesn't include running the day usually won't be including oreos... :(

What do you do?


The Dayleys said...

I go for a nice cold Pepsi, a nap if I have the time, my girl shows... and if the boys are behaving, then puppy kisses and snuggs!

Sorry you were having such a bad day. I hope today is better!!

Unknown said...

My go-to stress relief is exercise as well, but some other things that usually help are reading, listening to music, shopping, or going for a drive. Good luck on the Praxis! (I should probably take that soon...)

The Dayleys said...

I get a presciption from my dentist. Valtrex - the generic kind. {now that they finally have a generic brand! :)yea!} they work miracles if you catch it just as it begins to surface!!