Friday, March 11, 2011

sepia photo booth @ discount tire

Today I finally went to get my get my tire fixed so I don't have to fill it with air every 6-8 hours! Above is what I look like (in sepia) when I'm at discount tire, don't have internet and decide to figure out how to work photo booth for no reason. The best thing that happened at discount tire is when the nice salesman said they would flat repair my tire for free even though my tires weren't purchased there... awesome right? The worst thing that happened at discount tire was that the root of all this evil was a nail in the side wall of my tire, which if you never worked at sears automotive center as a tire saleswoman and you don't know about tires (like I do) means that the tire had to be replaced.

I am kind of high maintenance when it comes to tires. I buy clearance clothes and I go to the DI for fun, but I am kind of high maintenance about tires, so sue me. So I spent a bunch of money that should be going into the savings account at the end of the month after all of my "budget-y expertise goddess-ness," but at least I didn't spend it all. AND at least I can feel safe on i-15. Oh wait, I never feel safe on i-15. Thank you pot holes!

Well today is Friday and there is plenty to be happy about on Fridays, even when you spend a bunch of money at discount tire.

This lovely Friday I am happy that:

1. I am going to the gym as soon as I click, "publish post"
2. Saturday = sleeping in... (sort of, at least until I go take my praxis)
3. Tomorrow I am going to take Lee out on date, and it will {most likely} not include redbox
4. I did laundry yesterday; so I don't have to do it today
5. Yesterday I got 3 fun pieces of mail including: baby shower invitation, bridal shower invitation, &... wait for it... free trial to netflix. (which I will promptly cancel after the free trial, but free trials are great!)
6. There is milk in the fridge; which to me is just something to smile about. I lovvveee milk.

The last item of business I have for you is an overheard playground conversation (looked like 6th graders).

Boy 1: What are you mad? Why?
Boy 2: Cuz
Boy 1: Cuz why?
Boy 2: Silence
Boy 1: Cuz we made fun of you because of Twilight?

PS: Wish Lee and I BOTH luck on our praxis tests tomorrow


The Dayleys said...

Good luck!! :) Fun post by the way :)

Unknown said...

I liked your Wednesday stats post. Also, there is currently no milk in my fridge and you just reminded me of how disappointing that is.