Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wednesday stats

miles I drove: at least 100
time I left the house: 6:30 AM
time I got home: 8:45 PM
MPH I drove over the speed limit in i-15 construction: same as your mom
bowls of oatmeal eaten: 2
number of string cheese(s) eaten: 4
number of times I filled up my tire: 3
money I paid to fill my tire: 50 cents
number of times I changed the channel b/c I didn't want to hear the new britney song: 4
loud toots in my classroom when the only other noise was my voice: 1
number of giggles afterward: 0!!
students I need to test their reading level by Friday: 9
most reading levels improved by one kid in my class since August: 5!!! reading 30 min/night works people!
number of cadbury mini eggs (purchased last week) left in my teacher desk: 0
miles I usually run every day: 5
miles I ran today: 0 :(
questions missed on praxis practice test: 6
questions right on praxis pratice test: 18
times biff wagged his tail when I walked in the door: 123487098237408912374

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Amy said...

Why do I not have you on my blog reel??? You are seriously funny, I LOVED this post.