Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday night par-tay

Tonight we had a Sunday night par-tay! You may be asking yourself, "What kind of party do you have on the sabbath?" Well, it includes getting sugared up on fresh pineapple, red vines, and cadbury mini eggs.

Second, I start singing, "Sixteen Going on Seventeen," from The Sound of Music until Lee gets so tired of it he turns on some itunes tuneage.

All of this happens while we get in the zone, Carcassonne. Have you ever played that game? It is very fun, but something about playing it makes me feel like a nerd playing Dungeons and Dragons, but honestly, who cares? I bet nerds playing Dungeons and Dragons are having the time of their lives!

For the record, Lee won the first time and I won the second time. I haven't mentioned this yet in the world of blog, (although 26 fifth graders are acquainted with this information) but Lee basically beats me at EVERYTHING in this earthly life!!! Hopefully I can win at things when we get to heaven, but who knows? It is kind of a big deal when I win, at least in my mind. One of the few games I can actually win at (about 50% of the time) is Carcassonne.

Things Lee wins at: (or is just better at)
any video game especially if it includes guns
Old School X Box Tetris
physical skills: snowboarding, softball, any old sport you can think of
basically he is good at everything

Things I win at (or am better at):
Eating more (funny, sad, & true)
Sometimes Carcassonne
Facebook Tetris--- sometimes
I used to win at Dr. Mario, but that is a long story about a fight in our relationship over video games which is just too shameful to even admit.

So there, I lose a lot and we are very competitive, but I know right now what you are really thinking is, "Fresh pineapple? Delicious! Where did you get it? And how in the world do you cut one?"

Of course I got it in my bountiful basket. My magic bullet and I love all that fruit! I learned to cut the pineapple with this video. Whenever I don't know how to do something I look it up on youtube. Seriously people, I ask myself every day, "How in the h-e-double hockey sticks did people accomplish anything before google? Especially learning to cook." Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet (joke).

If you think I have bad grammar right now I am just going to blame it on too many red vines (and you should too).

No post is complete without Biff, even if the photo is blurry. It made me laugh out loud. I thought you might be wondering what he was doing while we consumed mass amounts of sugar and this is it. Love That Dog! (Which is the title of a great children's book by Sharon Creech by the way)

I also loved that thunderstorm yesterday; I hope you did too.

This is me in the Walmart parking lot during the storm yesterday. Just including it since I am not featured in any other photos and I know you're dying to see the big zit on my forehead, but I foiled you and covered it up with my bangs. Blemishes on my forehead are the reason for me to cut bangs 89% of the time when I cut bangs, but this time I resisted the urge to cut them since I am trying to grow them out.

Hope you don't cut bangs to cover any blemishes.
And remember to use google to solve all of your problems in this life (Activating yeast in your bread dough, cutting a cantaloupe, driving directions, and who is that one guy in that one movie?)

Too bad google can't help me solve my latest problem... getting out of speaking in church in two weeks.
at least google can help me write it.

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The Dayleys said...

Those are my all time favortie easter candy - candbury mini eggs!! Golly they are good!! Love the pic of Biff. I laughed too :)