Sunday, March 27, 2011

thanksgiving daily

Last night I made acorn squash with my dinner, but that is not why this post is called thanksgiving daily. Have you checked out lately? It is pretty nifty.

Today I am thankful for...

1. Jesus Christ
2. my life
3. lee
4. eternal marriage
5. biffy
6. oatmeal
7. cadbury mini eggs
8. music
9. speaking in church later today even though I am dreading it
10. family that love me
11. going off track in 2 weeks
12. my job
13. my cute students
14. the wonderful ladies I work with
15. cooking
16. technology
17. lee's job
18. having a long commute which has taught me to manage my time better
19. my healthy body
20. running
21. daylight savings
22. beautiful weather
23. not so beautiful weather that brings us water
24. whoever is reading this right now (you!)
25. people who write down their thoughts on their blog so I can learn from them
26. lee is graduating may 7 (master's degree) !

I really could go on forever. There are those out there who say people are 'fake' on their blogs and never share how they really feel, but I truly am happy and grateful to be alive. Sad and stressful things happen in my life, but sharing those things is just not my way.


Unknown said...

Love this list! The little mormon message videos are the best. I really like reading your blog by the way - I don't always comment but I do read it often :)

Amy said...

Love it :) :).