Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday I inadvertently led a lady in my ward to believe Lee and I are struggling with infertility; we are not {yet}.
You know what that say about assumptions...

So if someone tells you to pray for my fertility, forgetaboutit!

If... on the other hand, someone tells you to pray that Biff can enjoy the benefits of a fiber rich diet, I would say unto you, "Good Carp! It is the gospel truth.
Pray Early. Pray Often. For realsies people!
This clean freak cannot handle no more poopies in my house!"

{the baby hater with her niece 2 years ago}

Sister: I am mentoring 5 grad students.
Me: I definitely want to get a Master's Degree, but probably not for a while. I just want to keep my options open so that if I get burnt out from teaching I can make a career change to ESL, Special Ed., Counseling, or something different.
Sister: That's a good idea.
----awkward pause----
Me: Yeah, ... I'll probably wait until after I have kids that are older. Well, you know, if or when I have kids. You never really know about those things.
Sister: As soon as you stop trying to get pregnant, you'll get pregnant.
----awkward pause-----
Me: ....yeah...
----awkward pause----

Which is worse her assumption or my omission?

Another conversation related to baby-making... this conversation has happened word for word at least three times this year.

Random Person: So do you have kids?
Me: No
Random Person: How long have you been married?
Me: About 3 1/2 years.
Random Person: ---silence--- their thoughts: infertile or baby hater

Someday we will {hopefully} be fruitful and overplenish the earth, but for now.... save your prayers for the people of Japan (who need it), since I'm such a baby hater and all.


The Dayleys said...

When the time comes :) It'll be right. LOL. I hate people always asking about when we are going to get prego.... Far from my mind. Love the post

Amy said...

I get the baby hater comments too :) all the time, so I can relate. And ditto, loved the post.

Unknown said...

Haha! You make me laugh. Beware - you never know when the stork will pay you a visit... ;)