Saturday, July 23, 2011


Watching/reading the news really makes me sad sometimes...
After I was reading some details about that horrible massacre in Norway
I read another article on CNN
about how 1,200 infants were killed last year in Pakistan for being born
out of wedlock; 90% of them were baby girls who are considered a burden.

It really makes me grateful for everything I have.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

terrible t tues "to do"

Wow! I did a number reeling you in there with that alliteration didn't I?

why is this picture here? i have no answer.
to prove my hair isn't that gross when i don't wash it?

terrible t tues "to do"

  1. stay in pj's until 6:00 PM
  2. make lee play 4 games of carcasonne before he goes to work
  3. get the master to call in sick to work so we can hang out
  4. watch the bachelorette on hulu
  5. clean my car for 2 HOURS (just the interior)
  6. wash my car for the first time since I bought it a year ago
  7. give Biff a Bathe
  8. take a shower and put on mascara to go to yoga class
    (srsly, I did this; don't want to stink everyone out before class even starts)
  9. continue my 7 day streak of not washing my hair
  10. add "give in to me" (from country strong) to an online playlist
  11. listen to it approximately 148 times
  12. find someone to go with me to harry potter
  13. eat my weight in vegetables
  14. admire my sparkly pink toe nails
  15. go to the bank
I think there might be a correlation between me not washing my hair and not having friends to see HP with.. what do you think?

umm... yeah, pretty much in love with this song

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the great outdoors

*A good trick for people who look stupid in photos like Lee and I often do, wear sunglasses then no one sees if your eyes look weird.

Every year the master and I take turns planning our anniversary celebration.
This year was my turn.

I took Lee to Park City where we went hiking at the Canyons resort.

We found a weird cabin full of empty beer cans.

Then Lee asked me to take pictures of him to document this special day.
hmmm... not really

We had to ride a gondola to get to our hiking point.

Then we took stupid pictures at the Olympic Park after we rode the zipline and the alpine slide.

No making fun of this butt shot.

Or my shorts; if I intend to sweat like a cup of liquid during any given activity I deem it appropriate for myself to wear work out clothes.

Lee begged me to take a picture of him in front of the cabin.
Not really.

This photo should probably be featured in an art exhibit somewhere.
I will call it:
girl in forest

Other highlights of the trip included:
  • Eating delicious steaks, with a side of broccoli covered in the greatest cheese sauce known to man (should have taken a picture of that!)

  • Having a contest in our FREEZING hotel pool to see who could tread water longer
    (you know, like in the movie the guardian)
    but we decided to have a tie after about 5 minutes instead of wearing ourselves out to the point of fainting since we are too competitive.

  • Asking a bunch of different locals where to find a redbox three different times before they actually got it right.

  • Watching "Unstoppable" and then looking up the true story it was based on online and finding out that basically pretty much the only thing that was true is that there was a unmanned train, everything else was totally exaggerated.
All in all it was a great time and I hope I get to hang out with Lee for at least 96 more years.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running like Elvis

Yesterday I ran the Hobbler Half Marathon and I totally won!
Um, not really, if you believed me then, wow, you are kind of gullible.

I should have probably gotten some kind of award for pulling an, "Elvis" face for this picture my dad took.

What's that you say, you can't see the elvis face? Okay, here it is closer up.

I can't wait 'til the professional race photos get posted online so I can make you guys look at more. Race photos are awesome because people generally look like death in them. At least I looked like Elvis instead of death. Trust me guys, I felt like death! Sometimes I wonder what would be worse giving birth or running a full on marathon? Someone tell me. I think I want to do whichever is worse first, so that the other will seem like a cake walk. Sound logic right?


Special for you, I made this really awesome photo strip, sort of like a comic strip. It basically tells a story; no words necessary.

Okay, maybe some words are necessary: this is just me, passing two grown men at the finish line.
It's cool.
They never saw me coming.
Just kidding, if this was last year, this picture would be of me starting to sprint to the end and running out of gas and having to jog really slow. True story. Super embarrassing. This time I made sure to save some energy to look awesome at the end.

I finished in 1:52:58 for anyone who cares about that stuff.
My goal was to finish in under 2 hours, but I also had a secret goal to finish in under 1:50, but last time I was 2:15 so I am stoked.

I could tell you guys a bunch of fun stories about the race, but it's weird how I don't think anyone cares! So I will spare you the details. More to come soon about adventures where Lee and I actually got off our couch and went somewhere!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th day in July

How are you celebrating today?

Today I am celebrating my freedom by:
running up a giant hill at 8:00 in the morning
eating an entire container of guacamole on my own

later today we'll do the traditional family BBQ and fireworks

Thanks for writing the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson!

Here's a wicked awesome song I use to teach eleven year olds about the Revolutionary War; they love singing it, especially the part where King George III says, "I don't care."



Thanks to all the people who are now serving or have ever served in the military to protect our freedom to do whatever random crap we want because this is America!

Now go do some random crap, because you can...
like having a party to watch Mel Gibson in the Patriot because what would be more appropriate today?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

starting the morning off right

if you wake up at 6:30 AM
eat cereal
watch TV
and eat cafe rio leftovers at 9:30 in the morning
there is just no telling what the day will bring

i do know that yesterday, my first day of vacation, I called Lee at work 3 x from boredom
i guess i need some friends

In case you are worried about the state of my religious affairs and the fact that I am not fasting (because my religion asks its members to fast once a month); I decided not to fast since my half marathon is on Saturday. Last time I fasted it was the day after I ran ten miles and oddly enough, not giving your body nutrients when it is trying to heal itself doesn't work out so great; that is the same week I hurt my IT band... coincidence? I do not know.