Sunday, October 14, 2012

dreaming of a white.....

I am dreaming of a white Christmas, but I am also dreaming of a white couch. 

Yes, a lovely white loveseat for my formal living room which I like to call a parlor, because why not?

This is the white couch I want... lovely and cheap from the IKEA.  Just trying to keep it classy.

I have this puppy though, with black fur.  He doesn't shed much, although he does think he's the king of the castle and he is usually allowed on things like couches and beds.   After all, we are horrible dog owners and our dog doesn't think he's a dog.  He thinks he's people.  Not only do I have this silly puppy, but, one day I might actually have small children running around this place (running around with small smudgy fingers) but who knows about these things really?

So.. white couches.

Please discuss.  In the comments.   Pros and Cons.