Thursday, December 15, 2011

gifts from kids

now this student really knows me

getting gifts from kids is the best.
whether it's a macaroni necklace or a homemade card, gifts from kids are so much more original and full of thought than most gifts from adults.

this random calendar of dogs doing yoga poses totally made my day.

PS: I wish I could give gifts (and shop for them) with the same innocence and wonder a child does.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tuesday tidbits

sometimes you go to the wendy's because you're craving a burger and the husband isn't home.

side note: I would've just cooked a healthy dinner for his benefit.  I am try to trick him into eating as many fruits and vegetables as I can so he'll live longer than me.

doesn't this picture seem like the caption should be: ahoy matey?!
and why do I look cross-eyed? yo, I am hot.

whenever I go to get fast food they trick me 
into ordering a huge fry and drink by saying: medium or large?
then I say medium
and they charge me an extra 50 cents and I get fries as big as my face

note to self: 
value size = tiffany size
medium size = I just ran 10 miles and I'm really hungry size
large size = I just ran a marathon so give me everything on the menu size

don't worry though, I don't waste food so I ate it all anyway
didn't I already talk about this in a post before?

the drink was the size of my face too
but that's the size sodas should be right?

this picture totally reminds me of my brother who apparently went through a phase where he would hold up stuff in front of his face when you tried to take a picture, because it seems like we have tons of photos of him like this.

I cannot wait to watch the biggest loser contestants run a marathon and cry my eyes out.
but I won't be watching it until tomorrow on hulu so don't even tell me about it because tuesdays are for yoga and wednesdays are for watching the biggest loser on hulu. 

yoga>tv shows
hulu>regular television