Wednesday, August 31, 2011

good news

well folks, lee made it. he finished reading HP 7; Monday night we watched HP7.1 on blu ray and we are off to see the second one tonight. I am so glad I am going to see it before it leaves the theaters, but sad that after today there will never be anything new to see or read of harry potter.

so sad

somebody needs to tell JK Rowling to get to work on something new.

I need to deliver some visiting teaching brownies, but I have a treat for you too. I'm sure it's been seen before again and again, but the first time I saw it I laughed my head off.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

cause & effect relationships

Today I came home from work to this:

Which is, grown men playing video games in my living room.

Which, naturally, lead to this:

We are in the same room...

They have no idea what I am doing...

No special effects involved, just pure talent.

Hope you're having a rockin' Thursday. I know I am!

Monday, August 22, 2011

saturday smiles in pictures

I know today is Monday; but I'm thinking about Saturday b/c there's lots to love about Saturdays. Here are some things that made me smile last Saturday.

jammin' out to, "pumped up kicks"

this face

this sign, ironic

biff showing me how to do yoga

mmm... don't tell my dentist

crazy junk people give away to Savers...

and last the best of all the game:

halloween products on the shelf (@petsmart); oh fall, I love you!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

on being a reader

there are 3 types of books

1. books that don't speak to you at all; with this type of book you either don't get to the last page it or you read the book slowly, agonizing for the ending because for some reason you want to finish what you started.

2. then there are books that you found entertaining or interesting, and that's all there really is to say about them.

3. lastly are the type of books that, if you were a child you would stay up late with a flashlight under your blanket just to read more. this is the type of book that transforms a person into a reader because once you've had a taste of a book like that you want to read another; if you can't find another, the book will whisper your name like a siren's call begging to be read again and again

i don't know about you, but i need more of that third type of book.
i never said that they were well written, though they usually are
i only said they capture your attention, excite you, make you fall in love with their characters, teaching you about love, loss, life, adventure, far off places, risk, romance, adventure, magic, friendship, and of course lord voldemort

a great book is a great friend

and if you don't understand that, i don't really understand you.

the truth of it is, that if you don't love books, you've never found a book that speaks to you on that third level. and i hope that someday you do.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Casual Fridays

Do you get to wear jeans to work on Fridays?
Who wouldn't love that?

Trying to take a picture of my jeans
Trying to do it without making it look like the focal point
is one of the body parts bikinis cover.
I'm not 100% sure I was successful.

You know who loves wearing jeans?
Michael Scott.

I tried to take a picture with one of my best friends...
but he was not interested.

Then I tried to bribe him with peanut butter treats...

Didn't really work.

It's my first Friday back to school in this new year. It's been a long week! It's hard getting to know new students and getting them used to your personality/rules/schedule. I feel like I need to be extra strict this year because I keep overhearing students say, "That's Mrs. terrible t, she's nice."

I'll show you little 5th graders
I am here to teach you.
Not to be nice.
Watch out.

In case you are wondering I still haven't seen HP 7.2.... I have been watching plenty of Jeopardy though, and guess what? I can't even answer the questions on Teen Jeopardy!

Lee finally started reading The Deathly Hallows. Good thing his computer is broken and football season hasn't started yet. Maybe he will actually finish before it leaves the theater. Pray for me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

fish for sale; price: free

For your entertainment I am copying my friend, Meche Leche, and making a list of things you *might* not know about me.

It is embarrassing how dirty that bowl is.
(I just fed him FYI, not totally neglected today).

  • I have had three toe nails blacken and fall off! Eww

  • If it weren't for Lee I would most likely become vegan, although I cannot give up dairy.

  • Ever since 90% of the females in my age group started having babies I find myself conversationally gravitating towards women in the 37-60 age category (at work, church, etc.) I'm sorry people, I just don't have anything to contribute to a conversation about babies. I just don't. It's a fact.

  • I have a seriously neglected 2 year old beta fish. Free fish up for grabs. Poor guy has no name and gets fed like once a week. My students named him, "bubbles," 2 years ago, which I hated, so I just call him fishy. When I started working an hour away from home it was time for fishy to stop living at work and start living at home. Don't worry guys, I take much better care of Biff! I promise I feed him and take him outside (to do that thing I said I would never talk about on my blog again) every day! Okay, Lee totally helps.

  • I thought Rise of the Planet of Apes was depressing. It seriously made me sick to my stomach; animal cruelty type stuff. I know it's only CGI, but for me it paralleled too well with things that really happen in shelters, labs, etc.

  • Why are 3 of these bullets about animals? WEIRD; apparently I am obsessed with animals. Watch out PETA here I come to take over. (No, I am not that extreme, but I am a little bit like a hippie, I'm not gonna lie).

  • I hate spending money.

  • I am trying to meet a goal to read 24 books this year and I am dangerously behind.

  • Ways in which I am like a hippie: love for animals, I flash the peace sign every day when the workers at the gym say goodbye to me, vegan-like tendencies, long hair, I don't wash my hair often enough, I am sometimes caught wearing out of style flare/bell bottom type pants, apparently I am liberal (liberal for Utah) Lee loves to tell his family I am a democrat b/c I don't like to assign myself to a political party, and I could go on, but I won't. You are Welcome.
That was ruff. I did not mention eating oatmeal or running. I think my brain just expanded a tiny bit with the work. Good thing too, as I am 24 years old and my brain will be fully developed in less than 12 months when I turn 25. Lee tells me it is all downhill from there. I sure hope he is wrong. Only time will tell.

Friday, August 5, 2011

a letter to summer

Dear Summer,

The thing I really love about you is your long days and short nights. I love to see the sunrise early and set late; that is probably my favorite thing you bring. I also love that you let me wear flips flops every day, not only because I don't have to go to work for six weeks, but because my toes won't get cold and you remind me to keep them painted pink as a girl's toes always should be (even when they turn black from wearing running shoes too small, but I haven't done that for a long time and this isn't about running).

Another thing you bring with you is all the greenery outside including that wonderful smelling russian olive tree and beautiful gardens with delicious fruits and vegetables. Oh, how I love the fruits and vegetables. But you know who else brings those yummy, crunchy, juicy treats? Your sister Autumn, and Summer I cannot lie she is the one I really wish for.

It's been real Summer. And though, you have much to offer {and will surely stay for quite a few weeks yet} I find myself dreaming of soft breezes, warm jackets, red, orange, and brown leaves... Isn't Autumn romantic? It makes me think of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan emailing back and forth about a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and saying it would be a shame to miss New York in the fall (or do they say it's a shame to miss it in the spring?) Who knows? I hate to wish away time and I do love these late sunsets, but I cannot deny I love the fall.

And if you enjoy dogs or curling up in a warm blanket you'll enjoy this video.

Peace Out- Terrible T

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ramble ramble ramble

here's the thing; I really hate it when people start off a blog post by saying, "I have been so bad at blogging lately." So this is me NOT saying that. Although the thing is it's not like I've been bad at blogging, I'm always bad at blogging. Instead of being bad at blogging I've just not been blogging. Let's count how many times I just used the word blog/blogging: 8

PS I also hate when people use the word blog in their blog. It seems I hate my own blog today. (Now we are up to 11 uses of the b word and it's getting out of control.) Just one more though, in an effort to scrounge up some ideas I google imaged the word, "blogging," and here are some of the more entertaining results. Please enjoy.


okay no one really thinks it's time for me to update my blog, even my computer could care less I still use it plenty to read others' blogs and play tetris, jeopardy, and wheel of fortune on facebook


shakespeare, you are so right!


Umm yeah, let's be honest this is the epitome of me writing about nothing.

Lately I've been: running, taking naps, watching golden girls, lots of church stuff, yoga, running, cheering for Lee when he fixed our TV, playing board games, feeling bad for Ben on the Bachelolerette, being embarrassed I even watched that show, running, did I say taking naps?

Am I excited to start school in less than two weeks? You bet I am. and You bet I am not. so bittersweet.

Right now I am reading "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton, it was hard to get into at first, but I am enjoying it.

What are you reading? / Are you on goodreads?