Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Steal the Duck

Fortunately, Biff has quickly and amazingly gained the ability to discern the difference between baby's toys and his own.  Lately Biff is {apparently} fed up with how many more toys baby has than he does and how much more attention baby gets than him because he has invented a game I lovingly call, "Steal the Duck."

Here are the rules/steps to the game:

1.Biff finds one of baby's many rubber ducks (he has about 10, thanks to his great Aunt Collette)
2. Pick up the duck in his mouth (how else would a dog pick up a toy duck? but I digress).
3. Find mom and show mom that he has the duck while prancing around playfully.
 Side note: this game has nothing to do with actually wanting to play with the duck or destroy the duck all that matters is that he gets the duck and shows me.
4. Mom chases Biff around to get the duck back.
5. Mom takes the duck away and hides it from both baby and dog until it can be cleaned.  This usually involves bribery (a treat) to get him to drop it.  And yes, I know that I am reinforcing his bad behavior by giving the treat, but this has been the only way to get it back.

This game has long since been a staple of entertainment in our house, but before the baby came along it was called steal the empty toilet paper roll, steal the q-tips from the garbage can, and steal the dryer sheets from the laundry basket.  All of which involved bribery to get the item back.

This game was invented by Biff because the games of steal the toilet paper roll are no longer fun since mom just lets Biff have the toilet paper roll because you know, priorities.  Finish changing baby's diaper or get a toilet paper roll back from the dog? Tough choices.