Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful for Everything

Sometimes people post status updates on facebook that are absurdly long.  I kept trying to think of what I wanted to write (in a status update) that I was grateful for this year and I couldn't decide because I am thankful for everything.  Here's just a few...

-Legs that can run
-Strong arms to endlessly hold my fat baby who wants to be endlessly held
-A stinky, but lovable dog who is constantly underfoot
-A peacemaking introvert husband who enjoys being home with me
-a professional snuggler of a baby who shares his gummy little smile a lot
-The ability to stay positive in the storms of life
-Jobs to pay the bills that are also jobs that don't make us miserable
-The somewhat strange and amazing ability to make milk to feed my chubby baby
-Faith in something bigger than me
-A mind that can read, think, and dream
-A heart full of love

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

grand re-opening

So last year, from October through June I was pregnant.  For me, being pregnant is like being occupied by an alien (oh wait, basically the same ).  All hormones and brain doesn't work correctly and nausea and nesting and cravings and...

But, now my baby boy is 4 months old and lately I have been feeling like me again.  And me blogs. or blogged. past tense. obviously.

I've been reading my favorite blogs and I think I am ready to come back.  I can't let my 9 followers down after all.  (I think I am actually up to 11 now).    So it's time to dust off the cobwebs around here and reopen.

I feel like I need to address an elephant in the room though.  So many people post so much about their children online.  Some of my favorite blogs are mommy blogs.  I love reading silly stories and seeing adorable pictures of their kidlets.  BUT this one time a couple of years ago I read an article.  An article about children and their online identity.  It posed the question of whether or not it was fair for adults to post their children's life events on the internet when these minors had no choice in the matter.  No matter what the privacy settings, would the children grow up one day and regret the online choices and occasional overshares of their parents? Now everyone has got to make their own choices here and no judgment towards others,  (in fact, I love this post about not being a better mother than you) but for me I have decided to keep the blogging about my son minimal.  The only reason I bring it up is because I don't want my blog to come across as if the birth of my son wasn't a life altering event or as if I don't love him like crazy. 

I will post about me as a mom person, but I will try to keep it about me, rather than about my son.

I will also post about me as teacher person, a wife person, a runner person, and just a person person.  In case you've got anything against moms or something.  So look out blog world, I'm back.