Tuesday, May 31, 2011

harry potter, loser

Did I mention the master was reading Harry Potter just cause he loves me so dern much? Well he is, and he is reading it right this minute.

You better believe Lee has no idea I took these pictures with my laptop. Sneaky, sneaky.

I need a new book to read...
or something

Did you know I have been wearing a gray jacket in my last 3 posts? Don't worry, today it is a different gray jacket.

I bet you are waiting to see if I tell you who won the race, right?


I did not win!
Aren't I supposed to be the runner?

Lee: 1 Mile: 7 Minutes 44 Seconds
Terrible T: 1 Mile: 7 Minutes 55 Seconds

There will be a rematch

Aren't you guys glad that I am now too lazy to get out my camera and instead use the low quality one in the laptop?

Kinda grainy, but makes for some awesome poses.

Is there anyone in your life who mercilessly beats you at everything?

It's cool Lee, I am learning to accept defeat.

Monday, May 30, 2011

self esteem & jamba

Sometimes I can feel kind of lost as far as fashion is concerned. Some of my clothes {like pants that flare a little too much for boot cut} are making me feel old/out of style, but I am not sure how much I love the skinny jean thing. Some days I feel good in them, other days it's more like, "whoa, skinny jeans are for skinny people so don't go there girl."

I usually have awesome self esteem {definitely hasn't always been the case} but whenever I go shopping for clothes that kinda goes out the window. I won't go into all the details because I'm sure most of the women of the world have been there, but let's just say I wasn't feeling that great about myself after some shopping.

I was really tempted to go get a giant DDP and a cake doughnut with rainbow sprinkles to make myself feel better/worse? Who knows how it would have turned out. Instead, I decided to try to be better to my body and go to Jamba Juice because I had a gift card from one of my students from Christmas.

Apparently those teen workers at Jamba were tuned in with my soul {and don't worry no one is paying me to say this to my 6 followers} because they decided to give me a free bowl of oatmeal. I guess they couldn't stand to see a pathetic expression on such a beautiful girl. Ha, no really they were about to throw it all away, but that just doesn't sound as awesome. So basically, me and my $5 gift card paid 17 cents for a 20 oz. jamba juice and a side of oatmeal.

and if you know me, you know I love oatmeal,

I have been known to eat 3 bowls in one day.
It was delish and I give it a terrible t recommendation.
I got blueberries & blackberries in it; I think next time: bananas

Right now, Biff is kind of attacking me/pawing me to death trying to get me to take him on a walk so just one more thing.

Don't forget to root for me today in my 1 mile race against Lee.


Who do you think will win? And what will the winner's time be?

What boosts your self esteem?

For me, it's duh, running and surprisingly I feel way hotter in my work out clothes than a real outfit.

Don't you just love oatmeal?

I literally eat it everyday; except yesterday when I was diligently fasting only to find out when I got to church it wasn't fast Sunday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


In the world of terrible t salads are pretty much good for everything:
good as a side, good as an entire meal, good at cafe rio, good on tuesday, good on wednesday, you get it; they are always good.

But you know what salad is not that good for? Fueling my body to run 10 miles.

Today I reached a new low in the tired department after my run. I have been known to lay on the bed while I brush my teeth and call it the greatest invention I ever had; but never before today have I sat down on the bathroom floor to blow dry my hair because I just was too worn out and hungry to stand.

I downloaded a kindle book about running so I can pretend I know stuff about it. Pretty sure I need to skip right to the nutrition chapter and learn to give my body some protein.

PS: You can't see it, but I put some almonds in that salad so there is a little...

Friday, May 27, 2011

soldiering on

Some of you or your children finished out the school year this week.

In case you're wondering...

I'm still here.

Until July, 1.

Grading these

and recording these

and shamefully drinking one of these

Don't tell my dentist!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gummy bears & a challenge

Not sure if you guys got the memo on Saturday, but this girl loves gummy bears these days. I hope you enjoy my awesomely stupid editing skills assisted by photobooth.

You should be jealous of this handful of gummies; cuz it's no lie that I ate em' all and I enjoyed every second of it.

Also, what do gummy bears have to do with anything? They don't have anything to do with anything. I just feel like I can't post without a picture. That's what you clicked on my blog for right; because you love to look at my gorgeous face and smokin' bod? Errr...? Yeah. Nevermind.

Today at the gym while pumping some mad iron with Lee a challenge was issued. Tuesday is my day to bench press with the master; it is a tradition {on Tuesdays} We basically never miss it unless there is some kind of natural disaster.

Tangent: Let's not lie, nothing short of wild horses or parent conferences keeps me from going to the gym, b/c frankly I do not know how you people live without the endorphins. It is truly a drug.

Back to the story: Between lifting weights and feeling a little bad about missing the Biggest Loser, but knowing I will always be able to watch it on hulu, witty banter often occurs (witty banter: see making fun of other people in an effort to entertain Lee or make him laugh which never works aka my greatest sin). Wittiness provided by me, which the master does not think is funny at all. Our senses of humor are often tuned to different frequencies, but we try. So.. witty banter.. la la la:

"Don't look now, but that girl needs a 'tan'nervention; seriously looks painful."
"That guy in the grey shirt has the biggest tacos I've ever seen!"
Then it happens and I say, "Too bad there is no one here for me to compete with today."

Tangent: Insert explanation on how I compete with everyone all the time: on the treadmill, during yoga (which by nature is supposed to be calming, peaceful, and accepting of all ---I try not to do this but, sometimes it happens ...forgive me.) and lastly, against high school boys or old men who bench press the same weight as me! Muhahaha

So again I had said, "Too bad there is no one here for me to compete with today." {meaning teenage boys or old men}
Then I say, "We {meaning Lee and I} should have a one mile treadmill race!"

The date is set, Monday, May 30, 2011. {They even gave me work off for this event; thank me for your day off Monday and don't listen to any rigmarole about Memorial Day}

Not sure if I can blog about the results, too ashamed if I lose and too much love for Lee if I win. There it is blog world, the challenge, you may or may not hear the results.

Wish me luck, or wish him luck, I guess you can be on his side...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

schmaturday agenda

  • wear the master's hoodie to walmart and notice how very, very gross it is when girls rat their hair. check.
  • take awesome photo of my huge chompers. check.
  • put groceries away, clean out pantry, eat gummy bears and jam to bieber. check.
  • realize you must've been stocking for the apocalypse {which is supposedly today} when you bought 4 boxes of instant oatmeal. check.
  • clean the bathroom? maybe
  • give biff a bath? maybe
  • run 9 miles? definitely
  • make spaghetti for dinner? definitely
  • walk Biff? most likely
  • read Anne of Green Gables and fall asleep 5 times? yeah baby
  • talk Lee into some date-like excursion? time will only tell

Friday, May 20, 2011

teacher appre-shoe-ation

So glad I could relearn to spell appreciation using one fifth grader's pronunciation of the word.

This week we had teacher appreciation week and I can't believe how great all the kids and parents were to me. I feel like I need to send out a a bunch of thank you cards; but that'd be like sending thank you cards for thank you cards and what is the etiquette on that? One mom made this basket for me, can you imagine gluing all those crayons on? You rock moms.

I have twix bars to the moon; I guess next time I do that PTA survey I'll write more than one candy bar as my favorite LOL They also made this cute book: read on to see some of the funny and cute responses. Also stay tuned and scroll down for the king of all salt and pepper shakers I got as a gifty from one kid! You're gonna love it.

I like being in Diary of a Wimpy Kid form; I look skinny.

A lot of kids wrote I would be super running woman or super math woman? But I liked this picture, probably because it accurately portrays my huge biceps/shoulders.
This girl kinda thinks she is an adult and is pleased with herself to know my first name haha PS I do not let her call me by it.

I have a dog themed classroom, maybe I'll do pictures another day, a lot of kids wrote things about me loving dogs.

Most kids wrote the best thing I taught them was math, but she was the funniest.

Other Gifts:

Biff is just checking this purse for bombs.

Have a pomegranate smelling day? Did not make sense to me when I first read it; but it came with scented lotion... guess what flavor?

This kid was so proud to give me this gift!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a post for the sake of a post

as of late, I have nothing to write; that thing between my ears is empty.
maybe not empty, but certainly not interesting.

This is what my brain looks like lately:

secretlovechild?noarnoldno vistingteachingistimeconsuming! teacherappreciationweekhappy
ihavenotcookeddinnersincesunday:( 5thgradehoedown/squaredancingwithlee=goofyandfun
readingsportscenterclosedcaptioningonthetreadmilltooccupyyourbrainisreallyboring ihatespiders weirddreamaboutmyneighborslastnight saturdaycomesoonplease ineedmoresleep

end scene

Sunday, May 8, 2011

the master

On Saturday, Lee Middle Name Last Name graduated with his Master's Degree. I am so stupidly proud of him that I am going to christen him with a new nickname. It is currently a tie between 'master' and 'the master'; leaning more toward 'the master.' To the master's embarrassment I have informed him that I will be calling him this name in public to enjoy the reactions of bystanders.

I present to you the master.
Not to be confused with any reference to slavery which was sad.
(although some people think marriage is the last legal form of slavery
bringing me to the interesting topic of how awesome it will be when I refer to
the master by his new name at places like the grocery store).
Also not to be confused with any mockery of the hard work he has done.
Just the pure enjoyment I had when reading on the graduation program that the master's name was listed under "Master of Science and Counseling."

I think the master is cute.

Here's the master's family
minus Kim who was taking the photo and Mandi who was playing with the niece
He says, "it wasn't that hard" and the secret to success is, "showing up."
So get out there and show up to the things you want to accomplish.
So proud of you babe!

bird day card

Friday, May 6, 2011

age of obsession

We've all been there, obsessed with something. Sometimes it's normal and sometimes it's a little weird and sometimes it's really weird.

Obsessions By Age

Age 7-10: barbies, pretended to be interested in beanie babies, but really wasn't, dogs
Age 11: Hanson, classic skating, marrying Zac Hanson
Age 12-14: cheerleading, boys
Age 14-18: drill team/dancing, boys, going to college for free, the holocaust?
Age 18- Infinity: Lee <3
Age 18: the electoral college?
Age 21: Disappearance of Stacy Peterson/Drew Peterson's guilt {okay, seriously, you buy a big blue barrel, someone helps you put the barrel in your SUV, the barrel's gone, your wife is gone and your previous wife mysteriously died HELLO guilty}
yoga { seriously, 5 times a week for a year}
Age 22: running, yesssss
Age 23: Warren Jeffs+Polygamy=the root of all evil {Escape by Carolyn Jessop, read it, unless you're faint of heart; you will be seriously angry and creeped out, hence my obsession}

What is the weirdest thing you've ever been obsessed with?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

do whatever it takes to get the moustaches

Last night, it was Lee who said, "Let's just do whatever it takes to get the moustaches."

Best Birthday Celebration Ever

My birthday is on Friday, but we decided to celebrate on Monday. All I told Lee was that I wanted to go on a date. He drove me to Provo in search of a restaurant called, "Tango House." When we got to the address the place no longer existed. Nice. So we drove to Cafe Rio to discover our wallets no longer existed {actually we left them at home}. So we drove home, got our money and went back to Rio. Awesome so far right?

No really, it was awesome.

Pork Salad for me.
Pork burrito for Lee.
Micheal Jackson on the speakers.

More car time
Lots of Kesha on the radio

Then: Nickel Arcades. ---- Guys, I haven't been there since I was 12.
Surprising? Yes.
Disappointing? No.