Saturday, May 21, 2011

schmaturday agenda

  • wear the master's hoodie to walmart and notice how very, very gross it is when girls rat their hair. check.
  • take awesome photo of my huge chompers. check.
  • put groceries away, clean out pantry, eat gummy bears and jam to bieber. check.
  • realize you must've been stocking for the apocalypse {which is supposedly today} when you bought 4 boxes of instant oatmeal. check.
  • clean the bathroom? maybe
  • give biff a bath? maybe
  • run 9 miles? definitely
  • make spaghetti for dinner? definitely
  • walk Biff? most likely
  • read Anne of Green Gables and fall asleep 5 times? yeah baby
  • talk Lee into some date-like excursion? time will only tell


Ashley Eliza said...

tiff you are so dang pretty! your hair is gorgous! i love reading your blog you always crack me up. have a lovely weekend :)


Amy said...

LOVE it.