Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gummy bears & a challenge

Not sure if you guys got the memo on Saturday, but this girl loves gummy bears these days. I hope you enjoy my awesomely stupid editing skills assisted by photobooth.

You should be jealous of this handful of gummies; cuz it's no lie that I ate em' all and I enjoyed every second of it.

Also, what do gummy bears have to do with anything? They don't have anything to do with anything. I just feel like I can't post without a picture. That's what you clicked on my blog for right; because you love to look at my gorgeous face and smokin' bod? Errr...? Yeah. Nevermind.

Today at the gym while pumping some mad iron with Lee a challenge was issued. Tuesday is my day to bench press with the master; it is a tradition {on Tuesdays} We basically never miss it unless there is some kind of natural disaster.

Tangent: Let's not lie, nothing short of wild horses or parent conferences keeps me from going to the gym, b/c frankly I do not know how you people live without the endorphins. It is truly a drug.

Back to the story: Between lifting weights and feeling a little bad about missing the Biggest Loser, but knowing I will always be able to watch it on hulu, witty banter often occurs (witty banter: see making fun of other people in an effort to entertain Lee or make him laugh which never works aka my greatest sin). Wittiness provided by me, which the master does not think is funny at all. Our senses of humor are often tuned to different frequencies, but we try. So.. witty banter.. la la la:

"Don't look now, but that girl needs a 'tan'nervention; seriously looks painful."
"That guy in the grey shirt has the biggest tacos I've ever seen!"
Then it happens and I say, "Too bad there is no one here for me to compete with today."

Tangent: Insert explanation on how I compete with everyone all the time: on the treadmill, during yoga (which by nature is supposed to be calming, peaceful, and accepting of all ---I try not to do this but, sometimes it happens ...forgive me.) and lastly, against high school boys or old men who bench press the same weight as me! Muhahaha

So again I had said, "Too bad there is no one here for me to compete with today." {meaning teenage boys or old men}
Then I say, "We {meaning Lee and I} should have a one mile treadmill race!"

The date is set, Monday, May 30, 2011. {They even gave me work off for this event; thank me for your day off Monday and don't listen to any rigmarole about Memorial Day}

Not sure if I can blog about the results, too ashamed if I lose and too much love for Lee if I win. There it is blog world, the challenge, you may or may not hear the results.

Wish me luck, or wish him luck, I guess you can be on his side...

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Ashley Eliza said...

ha i love this!! i hope you win. and if so i say he has to buy you something :)

you guys are too cute tiff!!!