Tuesday, May 31, 2011

harry potter, loser

Did I mention the master was reading Harry Potter just cause he loves me so dern much? Well he is, and he is reading it right this minute.

You better believe Lee has no idea I took these pictures with my laptop. Sneaky, sneaky.

I need a new book to read...
or something

Did you know I have been wearing a gray jacket in my last 3 posts? Don't worry, today it is a different gray jacket.

I bet you are waiting to see if I tell you who won the race, right?


I did not win!
Aren't I supposed to be the runner?

Lee: 1 Mile: 7 Minutes 44 Seconds
Terrible T: 1 Mile: 7 Minutes 55 Seconds

There will be a rematch

Aren't you guys glad that I am now too lazy to get out my camera and instead use the low quality one in the laptop?

Kinda grainy, but makes for some awesome poses.

Is there anyone in your life who mercilessly beats you at everything?

It's cool Lee, I am learning to accept defeat.

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