Friday, May 20, 2011

teacher appre-shoe-ation

So glad I could relearn to spell appreciation using one fifth grader's pronunciation of the word.

This week we had teacher appreciation week and I can't believe how great all the kids and parents were to me. I feel like I need to send out a a bunch of thank you cards; but that'd be like sending thank you cards for thank you cards and what is the etiquette on that? One mom made this basket for me, can you imagine gluing all those crayons on? You rock moms.

I have twix bars to the moon; I guess next time I do that PTA survey I'll write more than one candy bar as my favorite LOL They also made this cute book: read on to see some of the funny and cute responses. Also stay tuned and scroll down for the king of all salt and pepper shakers I got as a gifty from one kid! You're gonna love it.

I like being in Diary of a Wimpy Kid form; I look skinny.

A lot of kids wrote I would be super running woman or super math woman? But I liked this picture, probably because it accurately portrays my huge biceps/shoulders.
This girl kinda thinks she is an adult and is pleased with herself to know my first name haha PS I do not let her call me by it.

I have a dog themed classroom, maybe I'll do pictures another day, a lot of kids wrote things about me loving dogs.

Most kids wrote the best thing I taught them was math, but she was the funniest.

Other Gifts:

Biff is just checking this purse for bombs.

Have a pomegranate smelling day? Did not make sense to me when I first read it; but it came with scented lotion... guess what flavor?

This kid was so proud to give me this gift!

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