Monday, May 30, 2011

self esteem & jamba

Sometimes I can feel kind of lost as far as fashion is concerned. Some of my clothes {like pants that flare a little too much for boot cut} are making me feel old/out of style, but I am not sure how much I love the skinny jean thing. Some days I feel good in them, other days it's more like, "whoa, skinny jeans are for skinny people so don't go there girl."

I usually have awesome self esteem {definitely hasn't always been the case} but whenever I go shopping for clothes that kinda goes out the window. I won't go into all the details because I'm sure most of the women of the world have been there, but let's just say I wasn't feeling that great about myself after some shopping.

I was really tempted to go get a giant DDP and a cake doughnut with rainbow sprinkles to make myself feel better/worse? Who knows how it would have turned out. Instead, I decided to try to be better to my body and go to Jamba Juice because I had a gift card from one of my students from Christmas.

Apparently those teen workers at Jamba were tuned in with my soul {and don't worry no one is paying me to say this to my 6 followers} because they decided to give me a free bowl of oatmeal. I guess they couldn't stand to see a pathetic expression on such a beautiful girl. Ha, no really they were about to throw it all away, but that just doesn't sound as awesome. So basically, me and my $5 gift card paid 17 cents for a 20 oz. jamba juice and a side of oatmeal.

and if you know me, you know I love oatmeal,

I have been known to eat 3 bowls in one day.
It was delish and I give it a terrible t recommendation.
I got blueberries & blackberries in it; I think next time: bananas

Right now, Biff is kind of attacking me/pawing me to death trying to get me to take him on a walk so just one more thing.

Don't forget to root for me today in my 1 mile race against Lee.


Who do you think will win? And what will the winner's time be?

What boosts your self esteem?

For me, it's duh, running and surprisingly I feel way hotter in my work out clothes than a real outfit.

Don't you just love oatmeal?

I literally eat it everyday; except yesterday when I was diligently fasting only to find out when I got to church it wasn't fast Sunday!


Unknown said...

I love jamba's oatmeal. It's amazing. Good luck in your race :) Just wait till you have to go maternity clothes shopping- totally flattens your self esteem!

Amy said...

Your photos make me laugh every time I pull up your blog.