Tuesday, May 3, 2011

do whatever it takes to get the moustaches

Last night, it was Lee who said, "Let's just do whatever it takes to get the moustaches."

Best Birthday Celebration Ever

My birthday is on Friday, but we decided to celebrate on Monday. All I told Lee was that I wanted to go on a date. He drove me to Provo in search of a restaurant called, "Tango House." When we got to the address the place no longer existed. Nice. So we drove to Cafe Rio to discover our wallets no longer existed {actually we left them at home}. So we drove home, got our money and went back to Rio. Awesome so far right?

No really, it was awesome.

Pork Salad for me.
Pork burrito for Lee.
Micheal Jackson on the speakers.

More car time
Lots of Kesha on the radio

Then: Nickel Arcades. ---- Guys, I haven't been there since I was 12.
Surprising? Yes.
Disappointing? No.


Jessica said...

You guys totally rock the moustache look. Hott...:) We love Nickel city and trying to get lots of tickets for random stuff, haha. Happy early birthday!

Bethany said...

Love the mustaches, love the cookie jar, and I LOVE your hair!