Sunday, May 8, 2011

the master

On Saturday, Lee Middle Name Last Name graduated with his Master's Degree. I am so stupidly proud of him that I am going to christen him with a new nickname. It is currently a tie between 'master' and 'the master'; leaning more toward 'the master.' To the master's embarrassment I have informed him that I will be calling him this name in public to enjoy the reactions of bystanders.

I present to you the master.
Not to be confused with any reference to slavery which was sad.
(although some people think marriage is the last legal form of slavery
bringing me to the interesting topic of how awesome it will be when I refer to
the master by his new name at places like the grocery store).
Also not to be confused with any mockery of the hard work he has done.
Just the pure enjoyment I had when reading on the graduation program that the master's name was listed under "Master of Science and Counseling."

I think the master is cute.

Here's the master's family
minus Kim who was taking the photo and Mandi who was playing with the niece
He says, "it wasn't that hard" and the secret to success is, "showing up."
So get out there and show up to the things you want to accomplish.
So proud of you babe!

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