Sunday, May 1, 2011

the thing about one o clock church

and a pointless picture just to prove to myself how green and not blue my eyes really are

As I sit on the couch watching biff, who is watching the window for any more intruders {he is on high alert since those fearsome fast collectors dropped by} I am lost in contemplation. Thoughts such as:

When will I finally escape the one o'clock church time slot? Due to moving and boundary changes we have had this time slot for at least 2 of our 4 married years, but I am thinking it's more like 3. I even had this time slot for my full two years of singles wards and you know what? I am over one o' clock church. I was over it 6 years ago.


When is enough finally enough as far as me enduring three years of Lee working on Sundays and going to church alone? Blah, I can't wait for Lee to get a new job.


I am so jealous of those people I saw out running on this beautiful day. The best part about Monday is going back to the gym.

Sundays are long. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don't.


What I am going to make for dinner?

Often times I am late to church. I have no kids to get ready and I drive the block from my house to my church. What is that? Even now I am sitting here procrastinating. I guess it's just daunting to think about sitting through 3 hours of church meetings without Lee to play hangman with or write notes to or give back tickles to or get back tickles from. This used to be so hard for me, but it's been a long dreary road of getting mistaken for a young woman or a single sister and I'm over it, but it still brings me a sense of melancholy. Especially when I entertain the idea that I might just feel a closer connection to God by hiking up the mountain and practicing some yoga and meditation rather than listening to people give talks or bear testimonies that I have a hard time relating to.
I do have a thing about obedience though.

So as much I am complaining I will go take a shower and wear a skirt. I'd love to top it off with flip flops, but you know how people are about that--that and jean skirts. Sheesh! Give it a rest, at least they are trying people!

So what is it that makes you sit on the couch and pretend you aren't going to church writing long blog posts when all along you know you will?

PS:) Reason No. 327 why I am so glad Lee married me: I can count on him to notice I changed my hair when not a single soul has; mostly because he knew I had an appointment, but who cares? I'm still giving him credit for it.

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