Saturday, May 28, 2011


In the world of terrible t salads are pretty much good for everything:
good as a side, good as an entire meal, good at cafe rio, good on tuesday, good on wednesday, you get it; they are always good.

But you know what salad is not that good for? Fueling my body to run 10 miles.

Today I reached a new low in the tired department after my run. I have been known to lay on the bed while I brush my teeth and call it the greatest invention I ever had; but never before today have I sat down on the bathroom floor to blow dry my hair because I just was too worn out and hungry to stand.

I downloaded a kindle book about running so I can pretend I know stuff about it. Pretty sure I need to skip right to the nutrition chapter and learn to give my body some protein.

PS: You can't see it, but I put some almonds in that salad so there is a little...


The Dayleys said...

I love all your photos :)

Ashley Eliza said...

yumm! i love veggies. okay super random. i want to start getting into running. not like hard core. but want to learn to love it. ya know? a? or easy running schedules that you would suggest? (if so i would love your advice! email me @ thanks girl!