Friday, May 6, 2011

age of obsession

We've all been there, obsessed with something. Sometimes it's normal and sometimes it's a little weird and sometimes it's really weird.

Obsessions By Age

Age 7-10: barbies, pretended to be interested in beanie babies, but really wasn't, dogs
Age 11: Hanson, classic skating, marrying Zac Hanson
Age 12-14: cheerleading, boys
Age 14-18: drill team/dancing, boys, going to college for free, the holocaust?
Age 18- Infinity: Lee <3
Age 18: the electoral college?
Age 21: Disappearance of Stacy Peterson/Drew Peterson's guilt {okay, seriously, you buy a big blue barrel, someone helps you put the barrel in your SUV, the barrel's gone, your wife is gone and your previous wife mysteriously died HELLO guilty}
yoga { seriously, 5 times a week for a year}
Age 22: running, yesssss
Age 23: Warren Jeffs+Polygamy=the root of all evil {Escape by Carolyn Jessop, read it, unless you're faint of heart; you will be seriously angry and creeped out, hence my obsession}

What is the weirdest thing you've ever been obsessed with?


Bethany said...

I'm a little bit older than you so it will be embarrassing to admit, but...New Kids on the Block. I had t-shirts, posters, the whole thing. The other one you know about and it's been since I was 7...reading.

The Powell's said...

I think I know of the person that wrote that book "Escape"? In the book does she have a sister named Linda?