Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday snuggles & thoughts about nothing

biff only gives out snuggles in the morning hours.

glad to be home during the early hours for a few weeks

ps: these photos feature our current free couches

Lee and I BOTH get to have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off together. Praise the heavens -exclamation point- This sort of thing never happens. So I have a question for you people who don't have 45 minute commutes twice daily, or aren't working full time while working on a master's degree. You people that actually go out and do fun things. What shall we do instead of pretending like going to the gym and watching the Biggest Loser is a great night (let's be honest that IS a great night, but that's just Tuesday). What type of fun should we have? Suggestions welcome, right there in the comment section {you know right down there below this} go ahead, click it.

Meanwhile, after Lee goes back to work I just might employ such shameful entertainment as watching the office from season 1 or rereading twilight.

Speaking of the office, you should know that I full on cried when Michael Scott proposed to Holly because it was just so right. Amen.

Now, when I say, "full on cried" I mean a few glistening tears, not bawling. I have SOME pride. It is interesting to note though, that I did not cry -glistening tears- or otherwise during my own proposal or wedding. This of course, is by no fault of Lee's. I think my primary emotion was excitement and excitement just does not elicit tears.

Although, if someone made a film of those moments in my life with great lighting, hair, makeup, and background music: watching that would most likely make me cry because frankly, Lee is the peanut butter to my jelly and seriously everyone knows peanut butter is better than jelly (I personally don't even like jelly; I use jam) so jelly is really lucky here guys! And that my friends, was the longest and most poorly engineered sentence in the history of blog. Also the subject has been changed repeatedly throughout this post.

It must be noted that the point of this tirade is something along the lines of how hollywood/media gives us unrealistic expectations about love and how
true love is more about holding hands and being best friends who sometimes annoy each other, but decide to stick together no matter what instead of flowers (as much as I BEG Lee for flowers every time a holiday permits) and violin music playing while you kiss.

Which leads me to tell you my all time favorite movie is called The Mirror Has Two Faces and starring in it is my all time favorite (musical) person, Jewish or otherwise, Barbara Streisand. You should watch it.

I have yet to watch the newest episode of the office because I am afraid of both HATING and LOVING Will Ferrill. So what's to be done? At the moment, I am avoiding it and pretending that Michael Scott will never leave. Maybe we could do a petition?

Just in case you are wondering, my laundry still hasn't been put away.

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