Thursday, April 14, 2011

out on the town

me: we should go somewhere and be fun since we are both home
lee: we just went to the gym, and I went to work today
me: well I didn't; I want to go out; I am easy to please... let's just go for a walk with Biff or go grocery shopping.
lee: okay, let's go grocery shopping.
me: but you have to go get dressed again, no basketball shorts

This is what happens when Lee goes grocery shopping with me..

and this is what happens while I wait for Lee to pick that stuff out...

PS: 1. We did buy some actual food; I even cooked dinner afterward.
2. When I go by myself I am much better at avoiding candy.
3. My hair is so gross! I cannot decide what to do with it *sigh* so I keep doing nothing

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