Saturday, April 9, 2011

couch coveting

When I go to home furnishing stores, even cheap ones like IKEA, my heart is filled with lust. All that clean, new, matchy-matchy furniture. It makes my free furniture, my DI furniture, my where did we even get this from furniture, it makes all my furniture look like a bunch of garbage.

I have an idea to save all the money I would normally spend on diet dr peppers in a pickle jar. PS did you know the last week or two I have been cheating on my soda free life? Go ahead, throw stones at me. Hopefully visions of new couches can keep me out of the maverick.

Couches we have owned so far:

  1. Flower patterned couches: source unknown
  2. Couches passed from my grandma to my parents to us which we had to get rid of after a week because Biff would not stop sniffing them
  3. Couches we got last year from Lee's parentals when they bought new ones; these are actually in really good condition and comfy, but they are definitely dated and I am really tired of Biff jumping on the recliner type ones and denting our wall :(

I am grateful for all the free couches we've had in our marriage; but I really want to buy some. You know, brand new, from the store and everything.

So come throw some quarters in my pickle jar.

Here's a little somethin, somethin, to make you giggle. I need some giggles today because we are going to do our taxes.

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Unknown said...

I so much agree with this. I want all new furniture - I haven't ever bought a single piece of furniture in my life! It's all hand-me-downs. Which is a blessing, but I know how you feel about lusting over new couches and such.

Oh, and you should enter my jewelry giveaway. You might get lucky again. :)