Sunday, April 3, 2011

conference: thoughts from my brain parts

This weekend I spent a lot of time watching LDS general conference. I like to use this blog to share my life with people and sometimes I try to be funny (unsuccessfully according to lee! jk) but I also like to use it as a journal. I am not one of those really awesome/spiritual people who take diligent notes throughout conference, but I did want to write down some thoughts/things I noticed while watching, as well as any talks I want to be sure to revisit when I get a chance.

Pretty awesome stuff:
75th Anniversary of the Church Welfare program
Day of Service coming up? Cool!
3 New Temples announced

Speakers I enjoyed:
Thomas S. Monson/Temples
David A. Bednar/Revelation {metaphor comparing revelation to a sunset}
Richard G. Scott/Marriage
I am excited to read another talk about marriage from the priesthood session by Thomas S. Monson that Lee told me about.

Topics/Themes that seemed to come up over and over:
Service, Service, Service
being childlike
2 great commandments: Love God and Love thy Neighbor as thyself
Being an example of the believers
Spreading the gospel with technology
Marriage: It's awesome; everyone should get marriaged!
Temples: They are awesome; everyone should go to the temple!

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf said something pretty amzing which I did not write down, but paraphrasing the best I can remember, it went something like this:

Always share the gospel, and use your words when you have to.

I loved that; to me that means that being a missionary/being an example of the believers doesn't mean that you have to verbally proclaim your testimony to others; it simply means that people will be benefited by your example if you just do your best to carry the light of Christ with you always.

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Ashley Eliza said...

Oh man! conference was soooo good :) i loved it. & those were some of my fave talks as well.