Thursday, April 21, 2011

I used to think my eyes were blue? Alas, they are green.

Yesterday, I bought this lovely blu-ray. Sometimes when I watch films made from a novel, especially Harry Potter, I get confused on what was in the movie and how I pictured it in my mind. For instance, watching this last night, I was honestly confused thinking that the last time I watched the film it had included the scenes with the Gringotts break in. Apparently, I've only truly seen that in my mind. Maybe I'm the only one who does that? Maybe not.

According to this photo, by arm is spendidly hairy! According to the Red Cross, I have donated 1 gallon of my blood to their services. One gallon folks! It is actually not that much blood, but if I picture a big milk jug full of blood (my blood) it is quite disgusting. Did you know every time you donate blood they can save up to three lives? Did you also know that every time you donate blood they ask you really weird questions? It's awesome. Questions like: State your gender (haha!) or Have you had a tattoo in the last 12 months? or Have you ever had sexual contact with a prostitute? If that sounds exciting to you click here.

If you do the little click, click, you can learn more and even make an appointment to be asked those questions and other EXCITING ones, as well as get a wicked sweet arm bandage like mine, not to mention free cookies.

I still remember the first time I donated blood and I started getting asked these questions being the ripe and tender age of 18. My facial expression and my thoughts said wwwhhhaaaattt?

That (above) is one {pale}homely lookin' chick. Who is that ghost? But hey, at least she isn't orange, which in my mind, is worse.

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Amy said...

I too have seen the gringotts break in :). And orange is definitely worse than pale, though I am sometimes guilty of orange :). Seriously funny post.