Monday, April 25, 2011

have you seen my mojo?

I try to keep this blog updated about 3 or 4 times a week for a few reasons:
  1. My life is super interesting and exciting
  2. You people love reading about me
  3. and lastly, uh... I got nothin' else.
Unfortunately, last week, I lost my mojo. You know, my mojo, that thing inside me that puts a positive and hilarious spin on all happenings in life. My mojo is definitely something that is required for blogging. I think it's back today, but not totally; so let me know if you see it somewhere.

In other news, last Friday I discovered that thrifting it up for unknown treasures is about 1,000 times more enjoyable at Savers vs. the D.I. One of the worst things about the D.I. is this really disgusting and unpleasant smell that assaults your senses as you walk through the door. That smell just is not there at Savers.
I offer as exhibit B. that relaxing elevator music plays in the background.
Exhibit C. shelves and merchandise are better organized (wherein comes the only downside: products are more accurately priced to match their value, resulting in often higher prices).
The last exhibit, exhibit D... if you are keeping track, are these amazing carts/baskets that you simply have to see to believe; frankly, I can say no more on the subject. I wish I had photographic evidence, but maybe next time.

As I enjoyed the wonderfulness that is Savers, I found the cookie jar of my dreams. I have been looking for a cookie jar, but if you have looked at cookie jars you might realize there is a category most cookie jars fall under and that category is tacky.
I somehow found this, the cookie jar of my dreams.
Note: This photo simply does not capture the beauty.

Before you delete the D.I. from your friends list I have to tell you the cookie jar was $7.99 which is almost a rip off considering this is someone's trash. Am I right? Plus, I got this weird deer for 50 cents {at the D.I.} which I just had to have for some odd reason.

Charming, yes?

Well, I think so, but if you don't... then whatever to you and yours.


Unknown said...

That cookie jar looks amazing! Sadly, Savers' prices are "high" for me too. They used to be cheaper but then they must've caught the word that thrifting is cool.

Amy said...

For the record, I love the deer. Dibs if you ever feel the need to take it back to the DI :). Love the mojo :).