Saturday, June 18, 2011

walking like a grandma

I have come to the conclusion that people are just not interested in me talking about running all the time; something about how I never get any comments when I talk about running.

I keep trying to think about something else to post about, but lately it all comes back to running: my new watch I bought, magazines and books I have been reading, a blog I am flappin' obsessed with (thanks Jessica Z.), my recent mysterious discomforts during running and where the carp is it coming from? new shoes, etc. etc.

So I am racking my brain trying to think about something interesting and exciting to do/say/take photos of so here are some non-running highlights of my life lately.

1. Two weeks left of teaching some awesome 11 year olds and then they are going to move on to a new teacher who will take over in molding their little minds.
2. In 2 weeks I have 6 weeks off of work! (I know #1 and #2 are the same, but I am trying here)
3. Thursday night Lee talked me into a day of rest from working out so we could go to the movies [and I really needed it because Lee forced me to do a crazy leg workout that left me walking like an old lady for four days} we saw Super 8. It rocked my socks and so did that run-on sentence you just read. Pretend I'm not a teacher and stuff.
4. Today I tried to cook an artichoke and it was disgusting. I have 3 more artichokes in my fridge and don't know how to eat them. Advice/recipes please, in the comment area.
5. Lee is playing facebook tetris right now and I am pretty sure I need to end this post so I can go challenge him.

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Jessica Zincke said...

Thanks for the shout-out, haha. Love that blog.