Tuesday, June 7, 2011

shoes, thighs and a crisis

here in the house of terrible t we are the in the midst of a


Long story short: about a week and a half ago I began having a dull pain/minor discomfort in my left thigh during running and only during running. I know, it was seriously a crisis.

Pain began the day of the race: me VS lee
PS: I do not believe the race caused it, but rather what I did the Fri & Sat prior to.
I rested for like 2 days,
then tried to run and still felt it.
I ran the next day and still felt it.
I cried to Lee over my own pathetic-ness and put ice on it.
Clarification: Not crying from physical pain, crying from dissappointment.
The next two days I rested.
{Saturday & Sunday}

About half way through Saturday I came to the realization that I had run somewhere in the vicinity of 800 miles on these:

Crisis potentially averted.

I have bought new shoes, but I bought them in a rush and they were cheap.
I will buy real shoes Saturday or next week.
Testing my cheapies out to see if it is really me hurting or my shoes hurting me.

Yesterday was so so.
Today will be a yoga day.

Wish me luck tomorrow.
I will be really disappointed if I have to miss out on the half marathon I have been training for!

In the meantime I am giving these guys a hug goodbye, and surprisingly they did not stink, even that close to my face.

PS: I am aware you are supposed to replace your shoes every 400 or so miles, but I pretty much just run on them until I fool myself into thinking I am injured. This happened to me last time too.

I need to be better at this stuff.

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