Sunday, June 19, 2011

me + sepia = less pale

I know that all of my 6 blog followers woke up this morning thinking, "I hope Tiffany takes another picture of herself sitting on the couch, using a crummy laptop camera, wearing the grey hoodie she never takes off."

Well guess what guys? Your dreams just came true. I made these photos really special too by wearing no make up and using the sepia option so your eyes won't be blinded by my vampire like skin.

Lately I have been actually getting some time in the sun running outdoors and being an awesome referee/umpire during a sweet 5th grade kickball tournament, but I can't stay out in the sun too long or someone will notice that my skin is sparkling... Lee is really worried about me no longer being albino and told me to wear sunscreen. I think he is really paranoid about me getting cancer and stuff, it's okay because I force him to eat fruits and veggies and do cardio once a week. We have each other's back like that so we can live to be 100.


Did you guys know I got totally hooked up this year in the form of gift cards? Between my parents, Lee's bros and sisters, and my students I got $100 towards awesome stuff.

One thing I bought was a 2 year subscription to runner's world. I am pretty excited about it.
Thanks family (and students) (not that any of them read this)
You guys really know what I love.

Which is picking out my own gifts! HAHA totally kidding, and yet, not.

PS: I got this awesome grey hoodie with birthday monies from Lee's grandma.
His family totally loves me. (and I love them back)

You know this hoodie is awesome cuz when I wore it Friday to Walgreens the guy there hit on me (kinda) by complimenting how awesome it is while I was getting some lady pills.

I am only a little embarassed abut how many times I just said awesome in this post.
I should really work on expanding my vocabulary.

In other news, Happy Father's Day!

I am so lucky to have a cool poppa who is a great listener and always tries to help me fix things like my computer or car even if he doesn't really know how.

My father-in-law is also really awesome sauce. He is fun to tease about dorky things that happen for example this one time he got bugged at a restaurant that was giving everyone free bread except us and he said to the waiter, "Are we gonna get some bread or what?" I think he would be embarrassed if he knew I wrote that, but I'm pretty sure he's never heard of my blog, so it's all good.

Have a great Father's Day and don't be too sad if your father has left this Earth. I'm sure he's looking down on you with love. Or at least that's what I believe about it.

PS (again) I am really excited that I am running a 10K Saturday with my sis-in-law because I am usually a loser who only runs alone. It is going to be off the hook. I hope to finish in under an hour and take some photos for once since I won't be some weird loner there.

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Amy said...

How was I not a follower? I am now! And you are seriously one of the funniest blogs I read. Love this.