Friday, June 24, 2011

that time I almost died OR that time I watched too many episodes of unsolved mysteries as a child?

the time I nearly died...


the time my imagination ran wild...

you decide...

PS: look at that photo again and smile about Biff's paw being in it.
Did you do that?
Alright, I guess I can tell you the story now.

but FIRST push play on this video and listen to the music so you will be sufficiently ready to be creeped out.

Our story begins with me deciding to go running at the high school track by myself. I have done this quite a few times now and have never worried for my own safety.

I ran a mile as two gals ran up and down the bleachers.
I ran another mile barefooted on the grass and the two girls leave.
I went to put my shoes back on for the next 2-3 miles on the track and into our story enters a shady figure.

An older (50-60 years old) gentleman walks toward the track wearing jeans and and buttoned up long sleeved denim shirt. From a distance he looked like he could have been a custodian, so at first his presence seemed a little odd, but not too out of the ordinary.

As he approaches the track the weirdness begins and he unbuttons his long sleeved shirt to reveal his bare chest.

The man then begins to walk laps around the track holding his shirt in his hand.

At this moment I am thinking: a little strange, but whatever. He wants some exercise, he wants some sun.

As I (jogging) pass him, I notice he has something in his hand, but can't see what.
On my second and third lap since he arrived I can see that it looks like he is tossing the thing around in his hands, switching hands and doing bicep curls.

On my fourth lap I see that thing in his hand is a rock with about a five inch diameter.
With each lap I jog he seems creepier, until I have imagined him as a Ted Bundy like attacker and when I realize he is holding a giant rock I imagine he will soon be using it to bash me on the head.

This is where I book it to the car, decide it is time to go, and leave my workout early driving all the way to the gym to finish.

So here is where you decide. I cannot trust myself because I truly did watch too many episodes of unsolved mysteries as a child.

Did I almost die?

Or is it time for me to be diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic?

Now that my friends is an unsolved mystery...

For no reason at all please enjoy a picture of Biff's blue tongue,
because your dog's tongue is not blue.


The Dayleys said...

I have a WAY over active brain, especially when something is creepy or freaky. I would've dOne the same. Lol. Glad you survived!! What highschool do you run at?

Eva said...

That IS creepy, i will say. but i'm more shocked about your dedication to your work out! haha