Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4 Years

4 years ago today...
I was here...

Dear Lee,

We made it through 4 years of not driving each other crazy; wait, what? That happens every day... Nevermind.

Thanks for...
  • not thinking I am annoying
  • not getting grossed out about how I can often out eat you
  • or by how I am so sweatastic at the gym
  • coming to yoga and spinning class that one time
  • letting me get a dog
  • taking Biff out pretty much all the time
  • giving me awesome lessons every day
    (aka lessons on how I can try to be as awesome as Lee)
  • beating me at every game and competition on the planet so as not to bloat my ego :(
  • going running with me those 2 times even though you didn't really like it
  • never saying anything bad about my cooking
  • giving me a hug when I get home from work, most of the time
  • everything, every day, forever
Things I have learned from/about marriage:
  • Even when you love someone, and even when they are, marriage is work and that is okay
  • Getting married is a big step of faith and trust and I don't know how I got so lucky. I really don't think I knew what I was doing when I picked Lee or that I was any better at making a decision than other people, or that I had a divine revelation that we were meant to be. It just kind of happened and I am so grateful.

I must have tricked Lee into marrying me somehow 'cuz I really am just a big weirdo.

Here's to getting old and wrinkly with my best friend.

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