Friday, February 4, 2011

y to the blog

Okay, so I admit it; I have no life.

Illustration of this point: The other day I say to the husband, "You know how you said you would take Biff on a walk with me? Well, you don't have to go. I'll go by myself because I want to live life and you want to live couch."
First of all, how rude is that, "you want to live couch." Second of all, what does that even mean? Last, and most important (to the point I am trying to make here)is... Since when is taking a dog for a walk living life?

So point made. I really am boring and don't really, "live life."

But, back to the side story (if you were wondering)Lee did walk the Biff with me; he just wanted to watch some clip coming up on ESPN about Jimmer Frasomething and I did not; hence my bratitude.
What was I talking about? Right, I have no life. Which brings up the question of why I am starting a blog. Good question right?
So why am I starting a blog? First here are all of the reasons I have never had a blog before:
1. I once had a class where I was required to write in a blog every week about school and it was part of my grade and it kinda made me hate it.
2. I am boring or if you must argue with that I will say too busy for fun/excitement.
3. Now, don't be offended here world of bloggers, but I have kind of felt that having a blog is sort of pretentious. Sort of like saying, "Hey! I am awesome! Read my thoughts! Look at my photos! Who isn't interested in me?"

That seems like some pretty good reasons for not blogging. So now I'll explain what has caused my change of heart.
1. The first time I wanted to blog was after watching this: Let's bet honest, who didn't want to blog after watching this? Or cook up a storm (a french storm) in the kitchen for that matter.
2. Having a blog could force me to actually TRY to be more interesting and exciting.
3. Reading other friends blogs makes me want to blog just to be able to have a list of awesome blogs on the side of mine for easier perusing of blogs.
4. This goofy article someone posted on facebook written by a self proclaimed feminist/atheist who can't stop reading blogs of mormon housewives. You can read it here.
5. And that article led me to an awesome blog that I have been reading like a book (literally read it for hours on end) That is her below; to read it click on her face.

So there it is. The scoop on y to the blog.

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