Thursday, May 17, 2012

reading material & snacks

What you are reading...

This should really be labeled what you are trying to read because frankly I haven't had the time for reading lately.  I am so glad my last reeeeaaallly long run is this Saturday (20 miles) after that I'll be into that magical stage of tapering (running less and less until the day of the race).

Spending 3 hours running on your only non-Sabbath-day-off-of-work (aka the day for doing all your errands)  has been mentally exhausting.  Luckily, Lee has really helped me pick up the slack with the cleaning and trips to Walmart around here.

Now I just need some tips on how to get him to give me nightly foot massages...

Let's talk about something really interesting...

9 AM mini snickers
 3:30 PM banana & pink lady apple
3:45 PM Cheetos & DDP

8:30 PM...

Mini Cheese Cake

Do you eat as many snacks as I do?
I already know that.  
It's a rhetorical question.

PS: I only ate 1/4 of that mini cheesecake so don't be judging me.  Unless it makes you feel better about yourself then by all means do it, but just don't be telling me what a cow of an eater I am.  I am pretty sure I got that enough growing up. Every time my grandpa came over for dinner he'd say, "She sure has a healthy appetite!" Thanks gramps... I'll pretend that's a compliment.

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