Friday, May 4, 2012


When I first started thinking, "what will I take a photo of today that is fun?" I automatically thought of running, but I talk about that enough. Then I thought of my birthday lunch celebration with my BFF coworkers today, but I didn't want to ask them if I could post a picture of them on my blog. Then I thought about how much fun I have teaching every day, but I can't post photos of that because of my students.

I was stumped.

 I almost took a photo of the "Fun." CD I bought a few weeks ago, but when I walked through the door after getting home from work and my dog grunted, whined, jumped around, jumped on me, wagged his tail, and was generally acting like a lunatic from excitement to see me I realized I didn't have to be the one having fun in the photo.

The best (and most fun) part of my dog's day is...

going for a walk.

He loves walks so much that we can't even say the word, "walk" in our house without him going insane thinking he gets to go on one. Lee and I spell it to each other if we are discussing it.

Me: Should we take Biff for a W-A-L-K?
If we decide to go we then say, "go for a walk?" and Biff runs around like a maniac jumping on and off couches and circling the house.

We have recently tried to replace the word "walk" with "disneyland" to try to get Biff to respond with excitement when we say, "go to disneyland?" just because we think it would be a riot, but so far no luck.

I hope you had some fun today.

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