Tuesday, May 8, 2012

no cooking Tuesday

I am sorry to say,  I have no cooking post this week!
 What our dinners looked like (aka why no cooking post this week)...

1. sharing a totino's pizza with a side of salad (lame)
2. pot roast (already been featured)
3. left over pot roast
4. cafe rio (not cooking)
5. steak and potatoes (at my MIL's house)
6. take out chinese food (not cooking)
7. oatmeal for me and lee ate at work b/c of working late

We do not usually eat out even once a week, let alone twice.

Next week, I hope to do better.  We will see.

Anyway,  today I am supposed to share a photo of "a smell you adore"

Before you think I am ingesting chemicals or making meth, this picture is supposed to represent what my house smells like when it is clean.  Not that I always use harsh chemicals, sometimes I use vinegar and baking soda and other natural substances, but sometimes you just need a little bleach to feel like it is really, really, really,  clean.  You know what I mean?

Yesterday I was supposed to share a photo of, "someone that inspires you."

Well shoot.  
That's kind of tough. 
There are so many people who do.
I am kind of crabby today.
and yesterday.
and the day before. 
Therefore, I decided not to take this one too seriously.

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