Sunday, October 23, 2011

when I grow up...

Despite grading papers, unrealistic expectations the world has for teachers, and low pay considering the job requires a degree, I love my job!

Who wouldn't love working with hilarious kids who (mostly) think you are a genius/hero,  being the boss of what you do every day (as long you teach the required curriculum, you can do it in your own way/in your own style), 12 weeks off,  and... I could go on for a long time about the perks of my job.

But I am writing to tell you about the things I sometimes imagine are jobs that I would love to do. 
You know what I mean, the things you love to do and you think to yourself, "I love this so much, if I could just get someone to pay me to do this, I could die happy."

Without further ado, these are the jobs I fantasize about:

1. Book Editor: Hello, reading all day.

2. Puppy Breeder: Puppies, need I say more?

3.Olympic/Pro Athlete: I heart working out and I don't care who knows it.  Every kid wishes they could've been a pro athlete.  I just never got around to wishing it until now.

4. Independently Wealthy/Trust Fund/Inherit Money from a distant relative: Umm... this was the only thing I could think of that meant I didn't work, but instead I got to shop all day! LOL Maybe I could be a personal shopper?

5. Chef: I love cooking, but I would get so fat if I was a chef.  My world already revolves around food enough as it is. 

6. Personal Trainer: It would be like every day of my life I was living instead of watching the Biggest Loser.  The difference would be that I would be the one screaming at the people to "dig" or try harder or whatever... hmm maybe I only like watching that show and crying when they lose the weight.  Yelling = not my favorite thing and we all know Jillian (screamer) was a lot more effective than Anna (not a screamer) so maybe I wouldn't be that great.

Don't you love Hannah?
What is a job you think would love to do?
Did you know I almost became an accountant? I really like math.


Ashley Eliza said...

LOVE the new bathroom decor.

okay my dream jobs would be planner
2. professional dancer ;)
3. and i would have to agree with you on the personal shopper!! hello fun.


Tiffany said...

First time reading your blog, but I love it!

And I'm doing my dream job - a teacher! (but on the day where the expectations are high and there is too much marking to do.... hmmmm I'll have to think about it ;)

Corrie Anne said...

Wow. Kara & Hannah! TWO HUGE FAVES!!!!!! I love them!!! But honestly my dream job is being a teacher. I've done it for 3 years, and I love it!