Saturday, October 29, 2011


Me: Look at this awesome vase I got at the DI for 75 cents!
Lee: I think my mom just donated that.
Me: ...  :(

Arby's Employee: Medium or Large?
Me: Don't you have small?

During my half marathon today...
My fingers: It's too cold.
My calves: Please, stop running downhill. 
My right hip: Please, just give up.
Me: I wish I could, but it's really not feasible.  I would just be colder and stranded. 

In my opinion running long distances is largely mental.  Today I had such a hard time at my race.  I just had negative space in my head and it wasn't good.  I learned a lot from today though, and just like every other day I'm still grateful to be able to run.  Even on bad days it makes me feel good about myself, accomplished, and alive. 

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Jessica said...

I'm so glad you were there today! It made the before and after so much better. I saw your time online - suuuper great for having a hard race!