Friday, November 4, 2011

trash to treasure

I saw these great pictures on pinterest and it linked back up to a simple how to.

Unlike the other site, I did not take pictures of the project in progress, just the final project.  Since I bought four frames for this I decided to do one for each season.  I was being drawn again and again to autumn and winter silhouettes so I forced myself to include the summer and spring pictures.  This was so easy, but I did ruin one of my DI dictionary pages trying to send it through the printer.  They were very thin so I glued them down to a piece of paper to keep it from jamming the printer. 

I found these little gems recently and they begged me to take them home.

Mrs. Potts $1.00

I actually made this cake plate/platter with a candlestick and a plate and some E6000, but watch out that stuff is toxic! Yikes! The topper/cover was $3.00.


Bethany said...

I love the pictures! That is such a great idea! You did great work.

Amy said...

love finds like that! And ditto to everything Bethany said ;).

Also, not sure if I told you, but my blog changed to so follow me there instead!