Thursday, October 13, 2011

I solemnly swear...

via most likely from here though

I solemnly swear....

that I am up to no good
that I don't hate people, but I love sitting in my house by myself
that I will update my my blog twice a week when I am off track
that mormons are Christians
that oreos are good for you (good for your mental health)
that running is the best way to get in a great mood
that listening to U2 during spin class is dreadful
that November 1 is the appointed time to begin listening to Christmas music
that sock bun curls can change your life; hello awesome hair, goodbye curling iron
that there is no such thing as too much broccoli ... or oatmeal


Amy said...

I saw the "I solemnly swear..." and freaked. I have to admit that part is my favorite part of the whole blog. But I love the rest of the tidbits almost as much :).

Casseron said...

I solemnly swear that I did the sock bun curls as well, and it was amazing. I have to do two buns though, My hair is too long at the moment for just one...