Friday, February 24, 2012


Even though I loved this, I never pinned it on pinterest.  I must have been saving it for you.

Today I have been thinking about some of my quirks (AKA my OCD tendencies) like...
Even though I can go a week without washing my hair; I start to twitch if I don't shave my legs (or floss my teeth now) every 24 hours.  Literally.  You can ask Lee about it if you want.  Winter, Summer, pants, skirts, going to work, staying home, it doesn't matter, I have to shave my legs.  I remember when Lee and I started dating whenever he touched my leg he would say, "smoooooth," and I thought it was so weird.  I remember thinking, "Did all the girls you dated before me have prickly legs all the time or something?" Well, apparently I am the weird one.  I am pretty sure he thought that would change when we got married.  Oh, how wrong he was.  Dear Lee, remember the time I shaved my legs at 11:00 PM because I could not go to bed with prickly legs? Yes, true story.
Lee always leaves a cup next to the sink to drink water from though out the day without dirtying tons of cups.  How thoughtful right? Well, every day I put it away about 3 times a day which makes it so all the dishes get dirty anyway.  He nicely reminds me of why the cup is there, but I am like a robot.  I am not even thinking when I put it away I am just like (and read the following in a robot voice) "Must. Clean. House." 
Most of my quirks have to do with cleaning and I am pretty sure the shaven legs thing is related to it. 
Another thing that makes my OCD senses tingle is when I see people (men & children) with their shirt on backwards.  You can always tell when someone has their shirt on backwards because it looks like their shirt is on the verge of choking them to death.  Drives me nuts.  How can that be comfortable? 

Ladies, how often do you shave your legs?
Are you a clean freak? (like me)

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