Sunday, September 4, 2011

sweet september & gourds

Oh, friends!
Here it is; the first week of September, time for me to put out autumn decor.
Don't you love my ceramic pumpkins?
I have a collection.
I especially liked it when my sis-in-law came over for dinner last October and called them gourds!
Isn't that delicious?
What fun would decorating your house be without a holiday movie?
Unfortunately, I don't have any Halloween movies.
I don't really like scary movies anyway so I settled on Miracle on 34th Street,
which is much more about Christmas 
BUT it has a scene of Thanksgiving dinner so...
into the xbox it went.

You know what else it is time for?
I think it's time to redo my blog.  I noticed that all the cool kids, ya know people with things like actual followers and the like, have much cleaner white backgrounds, none of this gaudy pink stuff.
Hmmm... what to do?  Someday soon we are ready for a change. 
For now, I'd rather put out my lovely wreath of leaves and pumpkins.

Yesterday I ran 10 miles
out of doors
without an ipod
and without sunscreen (bad choice)
I even have a capri pants tan/sunburn line
for some reason I ran really slow...
maybe it was the nerdy belt I bought to carry a water bottle in?

Well I am going to watch my Christmas movie, smell my pumpkin spice candles and finish cleaning out the closet that holds holiday decor.

What do you love about fall?

I love... changing leaves, the beginning of the holiday season, trick-or-treaters, candy corn (but I will buy a giant bag and only eat one, because after that it is just too much), Thanksgiving dinner, wearing jackets/sweaters, boots, socks, new seasons of TV shows (the office and the biggest loser coming soon!) pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and oh... everything!

Lee would say: football. 
I am going to try to be a nice wife and not complain about football watching and even try to watch some,  ya know, "Go Cougars!" and all that, but who knows how long that will last.

Tell me, are there any fabulous movies you watch during the fall? What are they?

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Chels said...

I love fall because the stores of crammed full of squash, apples and pumpkin. I also love the cooler sweatshirt weather with jeans and the smell of grilling outdoors.