Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ramble ramble ramble

here's the thing; I really hate it when people start off a blog post by saying, "I have been so bad at blogging lately." So this is me NOT saying that. Although the thing is it's not like I've been bad at blogging, I'm always bad at blogging. Instead of being bad at blogging I've just not been blogging. Let's count how many times I just used the word blog/blogging: 8

PS I also hate when people use the word blog in their blog. It seems I hate my own blog today. (Now we are up to 11 uses of the b word and it's getting out of control.) Just one more though, in an effort to scrounge up some ideas I google imaged the word, "blogging," and here are some of the more entertaining results. Please enjoy.


okay no one really thinks it's time for me to update my blog, even my computer could care less I still use it plenty to read others' blogs and play tetris, jeopardy, and wheel of fortune on facebook


shakespeare, you are so right!


Umm yeah, let's be honest this is the epitome of me writing about nothing.

Lately I've been: running, taking naps, watching golden girls, lots of church stuff, yoga, running, cheering for Lee when he fixed our TV, playing board games, feeling bad for Ben on the Bachelolerette, being embarrassed I even watched that show, running, did I say taking naps?

Am I excited to start school in less than two weeks? You bet I am. and You bet I am not. so bittersweet.

Right now I am reading "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton, it was hard to get into at first, but I am enjoying it.

What are you reading? / Are you on goodreads?

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Amy said...

I am on good reads, I need to update, and I'm too nice in my evaluations, I need to redo some of them :). I am reading 3 men in a boat by Jerome K Jerome -- seriously too funny. Loved the 'blog' post :) and the book suggestion!