Tuesday, August 9, 2011

fish for sale; price: free

For your entertainment I am copying my friend, Meche Leche, and making a list of things you *might* not know about me.

It is embarrassing how dirty that bowl is.
(I just fed him FYI, not totally neglected today).

  • I have had three toe nails blacken and fall off! Eww

  • If it weren't for Lee I would most likely become vegan, although I cannot give up dairy.

  • Ever since 90% of the females in my age group started having babies I find myself conversationally gravitating towards women in the 37-60 age category (at work, church, etc.) I'm sorry people, I just don't have anything to contribute to a conversation about babies. I just don't. It's a fact.

  • I have a seriously neglected 2 year old beta fish. Free fish up for grabs. Poor guy has no name and gets fed like once a week. My students named him, "bubbles," 2 years ago, which I hated, so I just call him fishy. When I started working an hour away from home it was time for fishy to stop living at work and start living at home. Don't worry guys, I take much better care of Biff! I promise I feed him and take him outside (to do that thing I said I would never talk about on my blog again) every day! Okay, Lee totally helps.

  • I thought Rise of the Planet of Apes was depressing. It seriously made me sick to my stomach; animal cruelty type stuff. I know it's only CGI, but for me it paralleled too well with things that really happen in shelters, labs, etc.

  • Why are 3 of these bullets about animals? WEIRD; apparently I am obsessed with animals. Watch out PETA here I come to take over. (No, I am not that extreme, but I am a little bit like a hippie, I'm not gonna lie).

  • I hate spending money.

  • I am trying to meet a goal to read 24 books this year and I am dangerously behind.

  • Ways in which I am like a hippie: love for animals, I flash the peace sign every day when the workers at the gym say goodbye to me, vegan-like tendencies, long hair, I don't wash my hair often enough, I am sometimes caught wearing out of style flare/bell bottom type pants, apparently I am liberal (liberal for Utah) Lee loves to tell his family I am a democrat b/c I don't like to assign myself to a political party, and I could go on, but I won't. You are Welcome.
That was ruff. I did not mention eating oatmeal or running. I think my brain just expanded a tiny bit with the work. Good thing too, as I am 24 years old and my brain will be fully developed in less than 12 months when I turn 25. Lee tells me it is all downhill from there. I sure hope he is wrong. Only time will tell.

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Janelle said...

Your post make me laugh...your so honest and to the point, and so am I!
I get the kid thing. I wasn't in that group for a long time then Bam I'm in it full force, so watch out you could have twins!